It is recommended to update the exteriors of the house at least once in 20 to 30 years. However, selecting the best siding from the various options is quite challenging. Also, you have to consider certain important factors before choosing the right siding. The main consideration for many people is, it has to safeguard your home for the next 30 years or even more. If you are thinking about how to choose and which siding to select, it is best to contact a Toronto siding contractor. With their experience and knowledge, they guide you in the right siding as per your needs and financial plan.

There are five kinds of house siding. We have explained the full list here to get an idea before shopping.

Wood siding: It is available in different kinds of textures, finishes, and styles and does not need an exterior finish like paint or stain. As the wood needs a paint or stain finish, it has the chance to cause moisture issues when the home is not well ventilated.

Vinyl siding: It also comes in several colors, textures, and styles, including wood shingle/shake styles and horizontal and vertical panels. The best part about vinyl siding is it can last about 50 years and is a low preservation material.

Metal siding: It is available in various styles like vertical strips, panels, and shingles. Aluminium and steel involve less maintenance. However, they have chances for denting.

Insulated siding: It is another kind of vinyl siding consisting of an insulating layer. It is made up of EPS or expanded polystyrene foam. The EPS offers the siding a tight fit to your house and thus holds air better and makes the house more energy efficient. Several house owners experience a 20% improvement in energy productivity with insulated siding.

Fiber cement siding: It looks like natural wood when set up properly. Though it is expensive, fiber cement siding is extremely durable. It does not require much care or maintenance and remains free from insect or rot damage. On average, fiber cement siding lasts for about 50 years.

Other kinds of siding:

Here are some siding types to consider if you are thinking about some new options. The materials include glass, engineered wood, stone, concrete, brick, and stucco.

Stucco is famous siding material in the Southwest parts of the US due to the dry climates. It does not hold moisture well. But it is simple to preserve in dry weather. It can be cleaned using a pressure washer. Stucco can be painted in any color you require or imagine. It is made from a mixture of sand or lime, and cement.

Brick is available in various colors offering homeowners sufficient options to cater to their taste. It can be a little expensive if your home’s size is big, and so, the installation will also be expensive. But the best part about brick siding is, it is durable and simple to maintain. It serves as a one-time investment.

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