People visit dentists when they suffer from dental problems. Dentists perform specific dental procedures based on the type of dental problem. At Shoreside Dentistry, various kinds of dental procedures are carried out by their dentists. Find Full list here on the different types of dental procedures available in most of the dental clinics.

Modern Diagnostic Procedure- X-ray

In recent years dentists make use of X-rays to examine your oral health. It is one of the vital tools to monitor your dental health. It is a standard diagnostic procedure that helps to identify the actual cause of dental problems. Common oral problems can be detected using an X-ray. Your dentist may suggest going for an X-ray to assess a damaged or infected tooth. It is used to identify periodontal disease at an early stage and know about the health of your growing teeth.


A filling is the common dental procedure performed by dentists all over the world. When you suffer from toothache, your doctor checks for cavities in your teeth. Your dentist may suggest going for dental fillings; if the cavity is mild or moderate, It is the simple dental procedure for treating cavities. Dentists also perform filling for restoring fractured or damaged teeth.

The procedure mainly includes cleaning or removing the decayed tissue inside the teeth. Then your dentist seals the teeth using a dental filling. Your dentist may choose the right type of dental filling based on your oral health.

Root Canal

It is one of the modern dental procedures carried out by dentists. It is mainly used to treat severe tooth decay problems. In the root canal procedure, your dentist removes the infection tissue present in the root chamber of your affected teeth. It is refilled with certain antibacterial filling to prevent further decay. A cap is provided to avoid damage of the teeth.

Tooth Extractions

Your dentist may go for tooth extractions when you suffer from severe tooth decay. It is better to extract your completely infected teeth. An impacted tooth can be removed when it causes other dental issues. Wisdom teeth can be removed when it causes certain oral issues like pain, alignment problems etc.

Periodontal Treatments

Doctors go for periodontal treatments when you suffer from gum disease. Based on the severity of the issue, your dentist may suggest medicines, cleaning and scaling. Surgery or laser treatments may be required for severe gum disease.

Tooth Restoration and Replacement

Tooth replacement is a restoration procedure to replace your real teeth with an artificial dental implant. This procedure is carried out when you remove your teeth. Dental bridges are a common restoration treatment carried out that anchors the replacement teeth with healthy teeth. Bonding is a simple restoration treatment for correcting broken or chipped teeth.

Orthodontic Procedures

Uneven or misaligned teeth can lead to various dental problems. This may include a cavity, plaque build-up and gum disease. Various types treat a misaligned tooth of orthodontic dental procedures. Your doctor may suggest wearing braces to correct teeth alignment.

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